Tying a Drop Dead Sexy Hares Ear Jig

Hook: Fulling Mill Jig Force #10-16.
Bead: Hanak. Fl Pink.
Thread: 50D GSP White.
Tail: Medium Pardo coq de Leon.
Rib: Small opalescent pearl tinsel.
Abdomen: Natural hare’s mask dubbing.
Thorax: Gray fox squirrel.
Collar: Black hare’s mask dubbing.


In this demonstration you will learn several dubbing methods and:

  • Dub a classic tapered hares ear style of dubbed body.

  • Tie a compound spiked collar.

  • Transfer materials to the hand.

  • Using dubbing wax.

  • Stacked wraps.

  • Using dubbing scrubbers.


1.) Establish a thread base by forming a slight taper to the tie off point at the rear of the hook shank.

2.) Measure out a several strands of Coq de Leon and measure to length.

3.) While still holding the feather in your tying hand, transfer the material to your other hand by exchanging pinch-holds.

4.) Execute a few wraps, stop and inspect. you can adjust tail length at this step.


5.) Proceed to tie the tail down stopping at the tie rear off point.

6.) Place a locking under and over wrap to secure the tail in place. Advace the thread forward to finish tying the tail and forming the final tapered shape.

7.) Pinch a small amount of dubbing onto the thread while still holding the wad of fur in your material hand. If you pinch a small amount of dubbing onto the thread and pull the dubbing ball down along the thread as you are spinning, you can form a smooth thin dubbing yarn. Pinch, spin, pull.

TYing a Drop Dead Sexy Jig-011-9.jpg

8.) Keep pinching and spinning…


9.) Take your time to make a very clean start. Here I have already made three wraps of dubbing at the base of the tail in order to get a nice clean start.

10.) Keep the dubbing twisted tight as you wrap forward.

11.) The completed taper.

12.) Spiral the tinsel forward in 5-7 turns. Tie off behind the bead. I counter wrap the ribbing to the general thread direction so that I have a cross-over wrap to available to tie the materias off.


13.) Using the same dubbing technique we just used to form the abdomen, pinch on a small amount of the Spectra. I find two complete turns enough.

14.) keep your two wraps compact.

15.) Apply a tacky dubbing wax to your thread, I am using Loon SWAX. Apply just enough to cause the fur to stick to it but not so much that you make a waxy tacky mess. You can clean up SWAX with an ethyl alcohol such as vodka or denatured alcohol.

16.) Dab onto the thread the squirrel spike dubbing.


17.) Form a loose rope.

18.) Stack your wraps on top of each other while apply binding force with the thread immediately behind the bead.

19.) Here, I have three complete stacked wraps.

20.) We use too much dubbing on purpose. Let’s scrub away the extra so we can reveal the guard hairs in the dubbing.


21.) I back brush the entire fly forward like this and inspect it for even material distribution around the kook shank. You can always stack a little more dubbing onto a thin spot if needed.

22.) Pinch dub enough of the black hare’s mask to make 2 complete turns between the collar and the bead.

Using your material hand, sweep the fibers back and wrap the collar.

23.) Whip finish, cinch the thread back back into the neck and plunge cut away the thread.

24. Complete fly.