Bi-Color Olive Riffle Drifter - Perdigone

Hook: Hends BL 154 #10-16.
Bead: Hanak 3.5mm Slotted Metallic Olive.
Thread: 50D GSP, white. Veevus white for a brighter underbody
Tail: Dyed olive badger CDL.
Rib: x-sm metallic green wire.
Body: Hends Perdigone Pearl body #34 dark olive under Hends Body Quill #70.
Thorax: Warm gray marker on Body Quill.
Resin: Solarez Thin Hard Formula


  • In this tutorial I illustrate alternative tying techniques to easily tie durable perdigones with speed.

  • A fly design idea to consider when viewing this tutorial is the intentional use of transparent materials in progressive layers.

  • The concept of tying in the round is reinforced.

Color options and styles that use the same tying techniques

1.) Form a thread jam behind the bead to hold it place. Keep the thread flat and wrap to the tie off point as illustrated above.

2.) Even the tips of a clump of the CDL tailing fibers. Measure to length and grab with your other hand.

3.) Hold the tail in place as you wrap in clean touching turns back to the tie off point established in step 1.


4.) Form a slightly tapered underbody with the white thread.

5.) Attach a strand of spooled tinsel as you would attach thread behind the bead in a catch and overlap back over start. Wrap a single layer down to the tie off point and back to behind the bead. Apply a miniscule dab of super glue to the tinsel and wrap over the thread a turn or two at the tie off. snip.

6.) Attach at a dark segment of the bi-color body quill behind the bead just as you did the tinsel in the previous step. Wrap a layer down and back being very careful of the color transitions between the light and dark. Make sure to not overlap a dark and light segment too much.

Riffle Drifting Perdigones-062-Edit-8.jpg

7.) Color a about a 4cm length of the body quill with a gray marker. Wrap a small dark thorax. This is our “in-the-round” style of wingcase.

With careful planning you can wrap a color gradient with the bi-color body quill.


8.) Holding the tag end of your ribbing wire with your left hand. Cross the wire under the tie off point along of the hook shank. Hold the tag and in place and begin spiraling the rib forward all the way to behind the bead.

9.) Using a fingernail or the back end of a scissor blade as a wedge, you can SNAP off the wire at both ends. Spiraling the wire in a helicopter fashion to break is too disruptive for this method.

10.) Apply a bead or resin.

11.) Cure with a UV lamp.


12.) Ready to fish

What you need to tie this fly.

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