Thinstone Tailwater Nymph

A “critical” imitation for when you need to gently tumble a small stonefly through a wary trouts liar as in a tailwater situation or as a dropper fly.
I went to my roots for this fly updating the easier flies of the Hatches / Selective Trout era I tied as a young adult.

Hook: Fulling Mill 85 #8-14.
Thread: White, required to make the transparent quill glow.
Undrbidy: Uni-stretch to form long thin taper.
Tail: Coq de Leon Saddle Dyed golden yellow (marking pen)
Abdomen: Hemingway’s synthetic tapered peacock quill, transparent light orange.
Thorax: Compound dubbing loop with golden tan speckled Brahma hen, golden brown hares mask fur and a dash of Spectra #235.
Wingcase: Speckled brown thin skin.