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Olive Flashback Pheasant Tail Nymph

A baetis inspired color scheme that should be deadly everywhere.

Hook: Dohiku 303 #18.
Tail: Dark Pardo Coq de Leon.
Abdomen: Dyed olive pheasant tail.
Rib: Small metallic olive wire.
Thorax: Hends Spectra 47.
Wingcase: Hands shellback 233.
Collar: Patina green tinsel.

Old School PMD

West of the Continental divide and extending close to the Wasatch front, a melon color dominates the hue of some Pale Morning Duns. A color that is especially dominant in the Roaring Fork Valley and in particular, the Frying Pan river. This is an old school Ernest Schwiebert style pattern I tied unweighted for use in critical tactical situations.

Hook: Hanak H230BL #18-16
Tail: Speckled copper olive CDL Rump.
Abdomen: Hemingway’s Czech nymph dubbing, cinnamon.
Rib: Oval gold french tinsel.
Thorax: Peacock herl.
Wingcase: Dyed brown ozark turkey quill.
Legs: Golden tan Brahma hen.

Lt Patina GRHE

Lt. Bone Patina gold ribbed hares ear

There are so many great colors you can tie a Gold Ribbed Hares Ear. I like pale versions leading up to spring as many macroinverts molt at this time. During molting they can be many shades lighter in color and almost transparent.

Hook: Hanak H230BL #18-16
Tail: Grizzly micro legs, bone.
Abdomen: Natural hares mask dubbing.
Rib: Patina gold tinsel.
Thorax: Spectra gray #15.
Wingcase: Speckled tan transparent thin skin.
Legs: Grizzly micro legs, bone.
Collar: Patina gray tinsel.


Thinstone Tailwater Nymph

A “critical” imitation for when you need to gently tumble a small stonefly through a wary trouts liar as in a tailwater situation or as a dropper fly.
I went to my roots for this fly updating the easier flies of the Hatches / Selective Trout era I tied as a young adult.

Hook: Fulling Mill 85 #8-14.
Thread: White, required to make the transparent quill glow.
Underbody: White uni-stretch to form long fine taper.
Tail: Coq de Leon Saddle Dyed golden yellow (marking pen).
Abdomen: Hemingway’s synthetic tapered peacock quill, transparent light orange.
Thorax: Compound dubbing loop with golden tan speckled Brahma hen, golden brown hares mask fur and a dash of Spectra #235.
Wingcase: Speckled brown thin skin.

Skinny Pete’s SQuirrel Nymph

Hook: Fulling Mill Heavyweight Champ #12 (shown).
Bead: Black tungsten.
Tail: Dark pardo CDL.
Abdomen: Fox squirrel body dubbing, thin as scrappy.
Rib: Hends patina black tinsel.
Thorax: Hends spectra #45.
Collar: Sybai copper brown tinsel.
Wingcase: Ozark turkey, UV resin.


Red & Black Spectra Nymph

Hook: Fulling Mill grab gape #16-20
Bead: Matte red.
Tail: Dark pardo CDL.
Abdomen: Hends buzzer body, black.
Thorax: Hends Spectra, black.

Pink and Brown Runway Model

Hook: Fulling Mill grab gape #16-20
Bead: metallic brown round.
Tail: Dark pardo CDL.
Abdomen: Reaer 1/2 Sybai pearl pink and front 1/2 Hends perdigones pearl body PBF116 purple over white thread.
Thorax: Fluorescent hot pink Glo-Brite.
Finish: UV Resin

Matte Olive Body Quill

Hook: Fulling Mill grab gape #16-20
Bead: Firehole matte olive.
Tail: Dark pardo CDL.
Abdomen: Olive body quill over Veevus 14/0 white thread.
Rib: Black body quill.
Thorax: Black body quill.
Finish: UV Resin


Matte Orange Synthetic Quill Orange

Hook: Fulling Mill grab gape #16-20
Bead: Firehole matte orange.
Tail: Dark pardo CDL.
Abdomen: Transparent gold synthetic peacock quill over orange and brown thread.
Finish: UV Resin