A cross between a wetfly and a nymph. A very versatile design imitating aquatic macroinvertebrates in various life stages. Dead drift & tumble in the the rocks or swing them at the end, these tied in the round and suggestive patterns as they work well in all conditions and seasons.

Frying Pan Flymph

Frying Pan Green Drake Flymph

Hook: Fulling Mill Grab Gape #12-16.
Tail: Darkly mottled CDL.
Abdomen: Lt. olive hares mask fur.
Rib: body glass micro rust.
Thorax: Olive CDL hen saddle and Hends spectra #32 in compound dubbing loop.
Head: Black


Golden Stone Flymph

Hook: Firehole Stick 839 #4-12.
Bead: Gold or metallic brown tungsten.
Thread: 14/0 Veevus purple.
Tail: Tannish yellow goose biot, long.
Abdomen: Golden stone hare's mask dubbing.
Rib: Medium brown d-rib.
Thorax: Dark Spike blend.
Hackle: Golden straw Coq de Leon hen saddle.


Little Yellow Flymph

Hook: Hanak H200BL #10-14.
Tail: Medium pardo CDL.
Abdomen: Yellow turkey quill biot.
Thorax: Yellow hare's mask dubbing.
Hackle: Dyed golden straw Brahma badger hen cape hackle.

A summer staple in my box that covers a wide range of pale mayflies and stoneflies. Add a dab of floatant and fish it in the surface film as an emerger.


Mothers Day Flymph

Hook: Hanak H200BL #10-14.
Abdomen: blend of 50/50 caddis green and cream hares mask fur.
Rib: small opalescent mylar
Thorax: Spike blend dubbing a 50/50 mixture of black hare's mask and fox squirrel body fur.
Hackle: Black hen neck.
Wing: Medium dun darlon.
head: Dark spike blend.

I killed last season with this pattern during the spring blanket hatches of Brachycentrus caddis. Dead drift and swung all in the same presentation.