#45 Emerging Midge


Hook: Dohiku 303 #18.
Shuck: Crimped hollow round midge tubing accented with a dark marking pen.
Abdomen: Hends perdigones Pearl Body #45
Thorax: Hends spectra #15, Gray.
Hackle: Grizzly midge saddle feather.
WIng: Medium dun CDC pulled over and tied down at rear and covered with a dab of spectra #45.


Gun Metal Shop Vac

Updated recipe

Hook: Firehole 316 16-20.
Bead: Gun metal glass.
Abdomen: Dyed gray pheasant tail fibers.
Rib: Sybai gun metal tinsel counter ribbed with sm stainless steel dubbing brush wire.
Thorax: Hends spectra #15, Gray.
WIngbud: Hemmingway’s frosty dubbing , white. clipped short.


ChroMiNaMo Midge Emerger

Pronounced: Kro•min•ni•mo

Designed to accurately mimic the hunching posture midges and mosquitoes take when pulling free of the pupal shuck in the surface film

Hook: Hanak H390BL Klinkhammer, 18-20.
Thread: Veevus 50D white.
Abdomen: 14/0 Veevus black thread and pearl tinsel wound together.
Note: Treat with thin coat of UV resin such as Solar-Rez thin hard.
Thorax: Peacock Herl.
Wingpost: White Foam.
Hackle: Whiting grizzly midge saddle wrapped around wingpost and pulled over thorax.

Look at these images of the emergence process