The Blue Winged Olives

A small collection of very useful fly patterns to cover the many stages and colors of blue winged olives.

Metallic Olive Pheasant Tail Jig

metallic Olive Frenchie.

Hook: Jig #14-20.
Thread: 50D white Veevus GSP.
Bead: Metallic Olive - Hanak
Tail: Medium pardo CDL.
Abdomen: Olive green pheasant tail.
Rib: Golden olive wire counter wrapped.
Thorax: Olive fine flash dubbing.


Stalcup Loopwing Emerger II

A change up pattern

An updated Shane Stalcup Loopwing Emerger pattern that utilized round pearl tinsel for added flash and segmentation. On the many cool and cloudy days of spring when Baetis prefer to hatch, a little swagger added to a fly pattern can bring on more strikes. I have added Hends pearl round tinsel as a ribbing to do exactly that.

I carry a handful of these emergers along with the dull versions tied without the pearl ribbing just in case I get refusals with the other. It's always nice to change it up when you get refusals and having a variation of a pattern can change your luck.

Hook: Hanak H390BL Klinkhammer #18-20.
Thread: 50D white Veevus GSP.
Tail: Whiting Brahma hen dyed gray.
Abdomen: Small olive brown d-rib and Hends pearl round tinsel PBR32.
Thorax: Dyed olive pine squirrel.
Wingcase: Medium dun CDC.
Legs: Whiting Brahma hen dyed gray.


Winter Baetis

Hook: Firehole Sticks 316 #16-18.
Thread: 50D black Veevus GSP.
Tail: Dyed black pheasant tail.
Abdomen: Dyed black pheasant tail.
Rib: Small blue wire.
Thorax: Blue wire from ribbing.
Wingcase: Peacock uni-mylar tinsel and UV resin.
Legs: Dyed black pheasant tail.


Wired Softie

a staple in my fly box since 1990's. I find this most often tethered to my line during the spring Baetis and Mother's Day caddis hatches.

Hook: Firehole Sticks 316 #16-18.
Thread: 50D black Veevus GSP.
Abdomen: Black and olive wire wound togther.
Thorax: Hends Spectra dubbing #45.
Hackle: Dyed golden olive Whiting Brahma hen neck.


d'Jig Gray

Somewhere in the spectrum of colors available in the blue winged olives are the middle the slender gray toned nymphs. This pattern is simple and deadly when searching likely water when the baetis are prone to be hatching.

Hook: Hanak H470BLJ ig Standard #16-18.
Bead: Nickel.
Thread: 50D white Veevus GSP.
Tail: Medium pardo CDL.
Abdomen: Small gray d-rib over white thread.
Thorax: Medium gray hares ask fur.

Tying this pattern in other colors such as olive, olive brown, dark brown, black will cover match other nymphs found in your stream.


Skinny Polish Quill

These slender little jigs are just what you need to suspend under a dry fly or tight line it into the path of feeding fish.

Hook: Hanak H470BLJ ig Standard #16-18.
Bead: Black nickel.
Thread: 50D white Veevus GSP.
Tail: Medium pardo CDL.
Abdomen: Dyed olive stripped peacock eye quill treated with UV resin.
Thorax: Olive brown hares mask fur.